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Marketing to the masses

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Humans are not that complex. We like to be entertained, watch videos of furry animals and eat nice food.

This principle can be applied to all stages of marketing: While campaigning at university for student union reps ETC., those interested in the role at stake wanted to know about policy, hear the clever ideas of the candidate and be convinced of their sincerity. In the same way, someone interested in buying a new phone is probably likely to be swayed by a thoughtful campaign, mapping out the benefits of a particular model. For those who are less concerned however? A buzz around either candidate, or phone advert is far more likely to be generated by free sweets or cute pictures of a pomsky. A couple of the best, recent examples of this marketing strategy: Read More

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Thinking local as an SME

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When appealing to a new audience or customer range, the task of any business is to think – how can I, and my product, relate to them? With your local businesses and local community you already have something in common, so half the battle is won. For a huge business, targeting specifically local businesses will yield perhaps limited exposure, but for an SME? It is essential and enables you to carry out particularly tailored, cost-effective marketing to those who are in the best position to buy your product or service.

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Should you start-up with Sales or Marketing?

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As a start-up company, you need to create immediate returns on your initial investment, usually even to stay afloat. But it’s a catch 22 situation. Sales are obviously of paramount importance, and the ultimate goal, but if you throw 100% of your energy into selling and not marketing and brand building, where do the sales come from and how long are they likely to last? Read More


Brand Value – be more than a commodity

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As supermarkets war among themselves, there is pressure to purchase cheaper and cheaper branded items to sell on to customers at increasingly competitive prices. This could have the result of placing branded items into the ‘commodity’ bracket, destroying the brand image that they have built.

An article in Marketing Week magazine discusses the ways in which brands can still maintain the upper hand over suppliers, and keep demand for their brand, rather than for their product, as the price differentiating factor. The most overriding and multifaceted of these is to ‘Create an emotional connection‘. Read More


Marketing Automation: Vital time-saver, or cheap shortcut?

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‘Technology is impersonal.’ This is a fairly commonly held view. Others believe that technology has provided the means to allow people to communicate more freely and more often, therefore making technology extremely personal. Marketers are constantly trying to make their marketing appear sincere and personal, so does technology help them to achieve this, or does it in fact make their message seem automated and unconsidered? Read More