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The public sector – the real advertising gurus

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When we think of adverts and advertisers, commercial brands spring to mind. Coca Cola, MacDonald’s, -historically- the tobacco industry, are the key players. These brands and private industries certainly have the creative spend, the commercial drive and the huge advertising teams to be able to run the industry and buy the essential Superbowl advertising slot for their creations. Read More


Backtracking brands – When the World Cup throws a curveball

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In the lead up to this summer’s World Cup, brands pledged allegiances with football teams, football stars. Head and Shoulders showed off dandruff-free Joe Hart, Mars revealed to us the cheeky side of Steven Gerrard and Adidas published huge billboards of Luis Suarez’s face – teeth bared

Unsurprisingly, these have not been the most universally popular campaigns in light of recent events. So how do you quickly disassociate yourself with a failed advert, without seeming to do a complete u-turn? Read More


Marketing to the masses

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Humans are not that complex. We like to be entertained, watch videos of furry animals and eat nice food.

This principle can be applied to all stages of marketing: While campaigning at university for student union reps ETC., those interested in the role at stake wanted to know about policy, hear the clever ideas of the candidate and be convinced of their sincerity. In the same way, someone interested in buying a new phone is probably likely to be swayed by a thoughtful campaign, mapping out the benefits of a particular model. For those who are less concerned however? A buzz around either candidate, or phone advert is far more likely to be generated by free sweets or cute pictures of a pomsky. A couple of the best, recent examples of this marketing strategy: Read More