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A night of Heroes

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On Saturday evening, the charity Don’t be that someone hosted their version of the ‘European Night without Accident’ scheme at the Luton Galaxy Centre.

It was an opportunity for participants to engage with the message of the night: recognition of the contribution to society made by designated drivers and those who prevent drink-driving. In keeping with this ‘heroic’ message, onlookers were encouraged to take part in the photo opportunity, wearing hero themed fancy dress provided by the organisers. There was also a ‘Reaction test’, in which participants could pit themselves against a hero. Read More

road safety

Road Safety Week 18 – 24th November 2013

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It is impossible to pick out a ‘particularly worthy’ charity initiative. Charities all over the world work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Road safety however, is something which is achievable in Britain and the work of Road Safety and drink driving awareness charities can make a discernible difference. For this reason Z-CARD® is contributing PocketMedia® to a wonderful enterprise by the charity Don’t Be That Someone involving driving awareness course AA RoadTech who, on Saturday 19th October, are celebrating the designated driver heroes who constantly help to prevent potential drink driving accidents around the country. Read More


The Personal Touch

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One of the main aims of an advertiser is trying to make their customers feel like they are talking to each of them individually. As we all know, humans are innately self-centred, therefore the message that they feel is talking to them is the one they’ll hear.

This is an enormous challenge, given the huge volume of advertisements to which we are consciously and unconsciously exposed every day. A tragic victim of this inundation was this summer’s Art Everywhere campaign which intended to make art universally accessible. Instead, it seems to have been blanked out by most passers-by as yet another generically targeted message.

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Z-CARD selected to promote Barclays debit card in Zambia

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In a bid to make the uses of their debit card easily accessible to customers, Barclays Zambia has chosen to hand out debit-card sized Z-CARD®s to customers.

The Z-® will be fitted into debit card holders, which are also being distributed to customers along with their new card. This move comes after Barclays realised that to ensure that customers were able to access all possible applications of their debit cards, some handy, real-time explanation would be necessary. Read More

Slaying the dragons of the printing world

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Print marketing has hit incredible highs of popularity but it has also gone through some tough lows. Here are a few unsubstantiated myths surrounding the industry which may have contributed to some of its more unpopular moments:

1)      Print isn’t eco-friendly.

Ever since reducing your carbon footprint became the new black, marketing which involves cutting down trees has taken a slight dip in trendiness. But is this justified? Most marketing companies have in fact also jumped on the eco bandwagon and get around the problem of their paper product in a number of ways. Using recycled paper and organic ink is a start, and many companies also source their paper from managed forests which replant 4 million trees per day, 4 times more than they cut down. Just some of the ways in which print marketing can help save the planet can be found here Read More