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Thinking local as an SME

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When appealing to a new audience or customer range, the task of any business is to think – how can I, and my product, relate to them? With your local businesses and local community you already have something in common, so half the battle is won. For a huge business, targeting specifically local businesses will yield perhaps limited exposure, but for an SME? It is essential and enables you to carry out particularly tailored, cost-effective marketing to those who are in the best position to buy your product or service.

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The next step for online retailers? Print.

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Print marketing is being stripped back. Online publications and adverts are becoming the norm, we can’t escape them. And this is the world in which, as Sucharita Mulpuru-Kodali, retail analyst at Forrester Research points out:

‘As a lot of other marketers cut back on print marketing, there’s an opportunity to stand out more. It’s not perceived as clutter…’. Read More

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Is print the green option?

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A recent article on marketing strategy looks at dispelling the myth that print marketing is more environmentally damaging than digital. Indeed, it actually pin points some of the factors which make print less unsustainable than other forms of marketing.

1) A huge number of the forests used in the print industry are privately owned, sustained by selling to print companies. The landowners therefore have an incentive to continue to regrow their forests in a way which is both financially and environmentally efficient. Giving them the incentive & ability to continue this practice is the goal of many within the print industry. Read More

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Sporting heroes – The Brand Ambassadors

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Great sports people can make a brand & a brand can make great sports people. It can be the most mutually rewarding of advertising partnerships, but it is hard to tell at the outset which personality will marry perfectly with which brand. With so many sporting events lined up for 2014, there are guaranteed to be some new rising stars. The task for brands, is to identify their new sporting soul-mate early on.

An article in this week’s Advertising Age, looks at some of the greatest Brand/Sports personality success stories. Successful both for their memorability & for their unprecedented financial results. Read More


When print advertising becomes digital – the perfect partnership

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Digital technologies are elevating advertisements to a hitherto unforeseen level. Augmented reality has already added an interactive element to physical advertising, watching adverts online also now has an element of choice.

Next to these innovative advertising methods, print it often seen as the dowdy relation – stuck in a traditional format which simply cannot advance in the same way as digital.  Motorola’s new print advert totally confounds this viewpoint however. By incorporating circuitry into polycarbonate paper (in itself a demonstration of how print & digital can be integrated extremely effectively) the magazine reader can change the colour of the Motorola phone on the printed page. Read More