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Inventive integration

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One of the major players in the ‘Digital vs Traditional debate’ is children. Whether they are aware of it or not, children are often cited either as the victims or the victorious of the digital age.

On the one hand, children now have access to incredible digital and educational resources which are specifically designed to improve development and facilitate learning. On the other hand, these digital resources and games are seen by some as ‘inauthentic’ and prevent children from playing imaginatively and from reading actual books. Read More

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A night of Heroes

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On Saturday evening, the charity Don’t be that someone hosted their version of the ‘European Night without Accident’ scheme at the Luton Galaxy Centre.

It was an opportunity for participants to engage with the message of the night: recognition of the contribution to society made by designated drivers and those who prevent drink-driving. In keeping with this ‘heroic’ message, onlookers were encouraged to take part in the photo opportunity, wearing hero themed fancy dress provided by the organisers. There was also a ‘Reaction test’, in which participants could pit themselves against a hero. Read More

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Road Safety Week 18 – 24th November 2013

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It is impossible to pick out a ‘particularly worthy’ charity initiative. Charities all over the world work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Road safety however, is something which is achievable in Britain and the work of Road Safety and drink driving awareness charities can make a discernible difference. For this reason Z-CARD® is contributing PocketMedia® to a wonderful enterprise by the charity Don’t Be That Someone involving driving awareness course AA RoadTech who, on Saturday 19th October, are celebrating the designated driver heroes who constantly help to prevent potential drink driving accidents around the country. Read More


Interactive Print: Apps, QR codes and how best to use them!

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The ‘Linkz’ app, by creators of the same name, has recently started to be offered to companies who want to take their print advertising to a new level. In the same way as QR codes, the app allows brands to enlarge the product information available to customers without enlarging the printed advertisement itself. Using their smartphone or android, consumers simply scan the QR code (or in the case of ‘Linkz’, the invisible code) and can be taken to whatever extra offers, games, competitions or general information the company wishes.
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‘Fashions fade, but style is eternal’

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A recent article in ‘The Drum’ magazine takes a look into one of Glasgow’s hidden treasures: Glasgow Press. Here, the traditional Letterpress is used to produce beautifully crafted designs, all printed by hand.

Glasgow Press is not an example of a fading industry, rather it highlights a revival in demand for traditional print. Kate Newbold-Higginson, director of a Screen-Printing studio and gallery in Dalston reports an equal surge of interest in her strand of speciality printing.

A return to traditional printing methods seems to be indicative of a sense of dissatisfaction within the design community with the cheap, mass produced flyer or leaflet.  Read More