PocketMedia® Terms

The PocketMedia® landscape is vast and often those in the know litter their posts, reports and articles with the latest terminology, acronyms and techno-speak. We believe PocketMedia® is all about making information simple – to that end we have started to compile a list of terminology to help you understand and navigate through this sector.


Data connection to facilitate internet access via your handheld device.


A small software application for download to your handheld from an online site. Usually inexpensive or free. Over 3.1 billion apps already created according to the media hype! (It is estimated that an average iPhone user spends around 30 minutes each day using apps, which would mean that around one billion ad impressions would be generated every 24 hours.)

Augmented reality

(AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery.

Mobile Augmented Reality: Mobile AR is the application of Augmented Reality being delivered on a hand held device. Like an AR experience on a desktop computer layers of virtual information are placed over the on screen content to deliver a richer experience for the user. One example of would be the layering technology allows your mobile device to recognise locations such as a street and overlay that view with the distance you are from certain points of interest, restaurants or ATMs for example.


Communications designed to be kept, remembered and sent direct to the pocket of a target group.

QR Codes

Quick Response Codes (QR) are 2 dimensional matrix codes or barcodes that can contain varying types of information, these can be text, a URL, phone number or an SMS for example. Users can scan the QR code with a QR Code reader installed on a camera phone can be redirected to a website. QR codes are free to create and the readers are generally free to download. With the growing popularity of QR codes mobile phone manufactures are starting to ship devices with readers pre installed.


A “mini” app usually already preloaded on your handheld. These can include clocks, weather updates etc.


Wireless connection – using your handheld to hop onto an exisitng wireless network and access the internet


A doubly-folded paper sheet card with 2 external stiff portions. Folds down to look like a credit card and fits neatly in wallet or pocket. Great for location guides, product information, sports fixtures lists and basically any information you need to have to hand.

Please feel free to make us aware of anything that you think should be added in here and we will drop it into the list above – Thanks