About PocketMedia®

As the innovators of our own niche market, Z-CARD® are passionate about all things PocketMedia®. Pocketmedia® is any communication which is designed to be carried on person – quite literally “in your pocket”. With an increasingly mobile and time poor generation we have a thirst for information but have neither the patience nor the time to digest huge screeds of it. The more there is the more we need it condensed to digestible chunks. PocketMedia® is about cutting through the noise of daily messages by delivering compact, concise communications. Whether it’s print or digital PocketMedia is content-driven, making information simple and accessible.

Print Perspective

Z-CARD® Ltd has developed PocketMedia® from a print perspective. Starting over 18 years ago, the company recognised the need for targeted and concise communications. At the time the digital opportunities were not even a distant potential so we patented the print equivalent – Z-CARD®s – a folded paper insert with 2 card covers – which looks like a credit card when closed and opens out to display a surprising amount of carefully targeted information. The media sector has evolved and gathered pace and heightened profile with the rise in digital media delivering real-time information straight to the pocket. New technology such as QR codes, RFID, augmented reality, has also provided a strong link between print and digital PocketMedia®.

Digital Expertise

We have embraced the exciting growth of PocketMedia® over the past few years and are now proud to have launched our own digital agency – providing the mobile web services which complement our print expertise. The combination of “freshly squeezed” information which can be downloaded in real time with the retention and reinforcement to the brand which comes through the printed Z-CARD® creates a strong through the line offering and a true PocketMedia® solution.

This blog is looking across the spectrum of PocketMedia® embracing the developments – digital, print, and social which define our fast growing media sector.