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A compact Z-CARD® guide for the SKHOKHO project

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How do you keep sensitive information on the prevention of violence, on person? The South African Medical Research Council chose to use a Z-CARD®, as the best way to direct teenagers to seek help for these issues.

“We chose a Z-CARD® as it’s able to store a lot of information in a compact format that people can carry in their pocket, wallet, handbag or pencil case easily and discreetly,”

Dr Aník Gevers, Senior Scientist in the Gender & Health Research Unit at the South African Medical Research Council.

Small businesses: thinking big together

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Z-CARD MD, Liz Love, in the April edition of the ‘London Business Matters’ magazine, discusses the advantages of being an SME in London today:

The number and scope of small businesses collected together in the capital, means that an SME can perform the same tasks as a corporation if working in conjunction with others, and has greater flexibility to ensure the best possible service.

Z-CARD gives vital ‘Citizen Preparedness’ information in NYC

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Recent training organised by the NYC Division of Homeland Security used Z-CARD as a valuable tool, providing citizens with emergency information on how to deal with disaster situations. The Z-CARDs were handed out free in training packs, along with first aid kits and training certificates, and were an extremely useful way to ensure that citizens had the important information on-hand at all times.

UKPIPS launches the “Z” Card for Primary Antibody and Primary Immune Deficiency patients

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Z-CARDs are ideal for keeping vital, personal information on person, in case of an emergency. This is a great cause, trying to improve the available information & make support more efficient for those living with a Primary Antibody Deficiency (PAD) or any other Primary Immune Deficiency (PID).