K-Fold : The Coupon King

The ideal format for delivering promotional coupons or vouchers.

Our K-Fold Z-CARD® is one of the best formats for incorporating a response mechanism, with options including tear-off panels and horse-shoe re-moists.

Customisation options include:

Tear-off vouchers/response forms
Recycled or sustainable forest paper stocks
Cover extras – pockets, RFID, lenticular
Flexible production capabilities – orders from 1 to 10,000,000

Key Benefits

Measurable Impact
We can help you measure the results of your campaign by incorporating a response mechanism, such as a tear-off form, into the K-Fold.

Coupon friendly
Give your customers easy access to special offers with tear-off coupons. The handy product size means they can keep their vouchers on person.

A Tactile Format
The K-Format opens like a notebook, giving your end users a tactile and functional product that they keep for longer and engage with more often.

K-Fold : Specifications

Below are our most popular K-Fold sizes. There are many options for customising inserts and covers. The smallest cover size we offer is 48mm x 48mm and the largest is 150mm x 300mm. All sizes in between these are possible.

* available in up to 13 panels.

Download artwork supply guidlines (.pdf)

6 Panel Credit Card*
Cover: 85mm x 54mm
Insert: 156mm x 300mm

6 Panel Pocket Card*
Cover: 108mm x 78mm
Insert: 198mm x 420mm

8 Panel Credit Card*
Cover: 85mm x 54mm
Insert: 156mm x 400mm

8 Panel Pocket Card*
Cover: 108mm x 78mm
Insert: 198mm x 560mm

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